The Path of Meditation

The Path of Meditation
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The Path of Meditation

A Step-by-Step Guide to Meditation

This is a step-by-step account of how to prepare the body, mind and emotions to enhance your meditation. Osho guides the participants and the reader alike in the use of powerful meditation techniques and suggests many useful applications for supporting meditation in your daily life.

He also describes the different stages that happen on the path of meditation.

This book is a must-read for both the new and the experienced meditator. Even more, it is an invitation to experiment with these life-transforming techniques.

Chapter Titles

1: The Foundation of Meditation
2: Begin with the Body
3: Finding Quality in Life
4: Understanding the Mind
5: Understanding Emotions
6: Body and Soul: Science and Religion
7: The Light of Consciousness
8: Truth: Your Birthright
9: One Step at a Time

Excerpt from: The Path of Meditation, Chapter 6

"Until now all the civilizations that man has given birth to were incomplete, fragmented. The culture that the East gave birth to depended purely on religion. It was not interested in science. As a result, the East was defeated; it became impoverished and ruined. The culture that the West gave birth to is at the other extreme: it is based on science and it has nothing to do with religion. As a result, the West has triumphed and has accumulated wealth, prosperity and conveniences – but it has lost its soul.

"The culture that will arise in the future, if it is truly to be for the evolution of mankind, will be a balance of science and religion. This culture will be a synthesis of religion and science. It will not be only religious or only scientific: it will be either scientifically religious or religiously scientific.

"So far, both experiments have been failures. The Eastern experiment has failed and the Western experiment has also failed. But now we have an opportunity to create a universal experiment which is neither of the East nor of the West, in which both religion and science are combined.”

Excerpt from: The Path of Meditation, Chapter 9

"I have said a few things to you about how to take steps towards samadhi: how to discipline yourself and take care of yourself, and how to sow the seeds which will grow into divine flowers. But if even just a few things stick to your mind, if even one seed falls into the soil of your heart, there is no reason why it should not sprout and give you the experience of a new life.

"Drop the desire to go on living your life in the same way as you have been living it. There is no meaning in it. Make space in your life for something new. If you go on living in the same way that you have been living, death will be the only outcome.

"This desire, this discontent must come alive in you. I have no other wish for you than this. Usually people say that religion is contentment. And I say that only religious people become discontented. Everything in life only creates discontent in them, and only then do they begin to look towards religion.

"So I don’t ask you to be contented. I don’t ask you to be satisfied. I ask you to be dissatisfied, to be utterly dissatisfied. Let every cell of your heart, of your soul be discontented – discontented for the divine, discontented for truth. In the fire of this discontent you will have a new birth." Osho

In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

energy… religion… truth… ego… goal… meditation… love… mahavira… angulimal… alexander

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