The Last Morning Star

The Last Morning Star
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Talks on the Enlightened Woman Mystic, Daya

The Last Morning Star symbolizes all that is ephemeral in the world. Talking on the playful and provocative poetry of Daya, Osho takes us on a journey from the transient, from our world outside, to the eternal, our boundless world within. This is a journey of the heart – the joyous, spontaneous, and at times uncompromising way of an enlightened woman mystic.

Chapter Titles
1: Remembering the Divine
2: Love Can Wait for Lifetimes
3: The Last Morning Star
4: A Pure Flame of Love
5: Going Beyond Time
6: Receiving Your Soul
7: The Shine of Countless Suns
8: Running with Your Whole Heart
9: The Golden Alchemy
10: Completing the Circle
Excerpt from: The Last Morning Star, Chapter 1
"Remembering the divine,
The serpent of time and the creepers of sorrow
Do not bother you.
"Daya says, if you remember the divine, then all of life’s sorrows, the whole conflagration of life’s sorrows, will be soothed. Then nothing will be able to burn you. Right now, everything burns you. Right now, what you call life is not life, it is a funeral pyre. You are burning in all sorts of ways. Sometimes you burn with fury, sometimes you burn in a funeral pyre, but you are burning the whole time. Sometimes the funeral pyre is obvious, sometimes it is hidden; sometimes it is visible, sometimes invisible – but you continue to burn. Have you ever known a taste of nectar in your life? Have you ever known a moment when your heart did not burn, when the burning was completely alleviated? Sometimes the burning is intense, sometimes it is less intense, sometimes the burn marks go away, sometimes not, but have you ever known a moment of peace, have you ever known a moment of bliss? Did the door ever open? Never!
"Remembering the divine,
The serpent of time and the creepers of sorrow
Do not bother you.
"But only he who remembers the divine attains to that supreme peace and goes beyond the raging flames of the world.
"What is meant by remembering the divine?
"If man considers himself to be the peak as he is, he will live in sorrow and then be finished – just as no flowers will ever blossom if a seed assumes itself to be the end of things. A seed has to transcend, it has to go beyond itself. It is when man also tries to go beyond himself that he remembers the divine.
"What does remembering the divine mean? It does not mean sitting down and saying "Rama-Rama, Rama-Rama,"or covering yourself with a shawl which has the name of Rama printed on it. This matter is not so cheap! Remembrance of the divine means that you have begun to go beyond yourself, that you have begun to raise your eyes upwards, that the seed has begun to search for the flower… It is not a flower yet, but it can become one… The seed has begun to search for the flower, the flame of the lamp has begun to rise towards the sky, towards the sun. The journey has begun: the seed has burst, the sprout has emerged and has started its journey towards the sky." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:
life… love… question… truth… doubt… awareness… search… daya… eknath… vivekananda


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