The Hidden Splendor

The Hidden Splendor
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The old is dead. Of course the old seems to be very comfortable. It seems comfortable because you don’t have to do anything. You don’t even have to be intelligent. You can remain retarded and yet pretend to the world that you are a great intellectual because you are filled with all kinds of information in your memory.


And the memory is not part of your consciousness; the memory is part of your body. The memory is just a mechanism like any computer. You feed it with information and whatever you feed it, it is perfectly comfortable with. It knows it. And knowledge gives you a certain power: you are within the territory where you are the ruler, you know everything.


The unknown, the new, suddenly exposes your ignorance, and that hurts. You don’t want to know your ignorance; that’s why the new is scary. But your ignorance is enormous; your knowledge is just a dewdrop. If you don’t want to remain a dewdrop – closed, absolutely non-receptive and insensitive to the tremendous existence that is available to be yours any moment – gather courage and come out of your smallness. The moment the dewdrop takes a jump into the ocean is exactly the situation of a man who takes a jump from the mind into meditation.


Mind is so small. Existence and life are so vast, so infinite, that unless you come out of the mind you will live the life of a prisoner and a slave. A slave cannot know what dance is, a slave cannot know what freedom is and the joy of freedom and the blissfulness and the ecstasy of being vast, oceanic.


My work with you is to persuade you to come out of your caves, which are dark – although they look very cozy to you because you are acquainted with them.


Satyam Shivam Sundaram: Truth Godliness Beauty


Chapter Titles

1: Trust Is the Bridge between You and Existence
2: Just Be Indifferent to the Mind
3: Don't Make Life a Question-Answer Game
4: Only a Man of Meditation Can Allow Intimacy to Happen
5: This Moment Is More than Enough
6: Politics Has No Heart – Religion is Pure Heart
7: Spread Your Joy
8: The Taste of Your Being
9: Just to Be Religious Is Enough
10: Enlightenment Is Not an Experience
11: There is No Place in My Teachings for the Concept of Guilt
12: Life Itself Is a Miracle
13: Truth Is Not Divisible
14: No Time Left for Any Device
15: You Are the World
16: Love Is Always an Emperor
17: Watchfulness: Your Gift to Yourself
18: To Be Religious Is to Be Yourself
19: Trust Is the Purest Form of Love
20: Your Longing Is the Seed
21: The Greatest Misfit in the World
22: Women Can Enter Meditation More Easily than Men
23: Love: Not a Relationship but a State of Being
24: All Our Doings Are Disturbances
25: Watch and Wait
26: Life's Aim Is Life Itself
27: Harmony Is Your Reality


Extract from Chapter #18

Just a little more intelligence is needed and you can come out of the gloom, the misery, the hell in which the whole humanity is living. The secret of coming out of this hell is to remember yourself. And this remembrance will become possible if you understand the idea that you are alone.


You may have lived with your wife or with your husband for fifty years; still, you are two. Your wife is alone, you are alone. You have been trying to create a facade: “We are not alone,” “We are a family,” “We are a society,” “We are a civilization,” “We are a culture,” “We are an organized religion,” “We are an organized political party.” But all these illusions are not going to help.


You have to recognize, howsoever painful it appears in the beginning, that you are alone and in a strange land. This recognition, for the first time, is painful. It takes away all our illusions – which were great consolations. But once you have dared to accept the reality, the pain disappears. And just hidden behind the pain is the greatest blessing of the world: you come to know yourself.


You are the intelligence of existence; you are the consciousness of existence; you are the soul of existence. You are part of this immense godliness that manifests in thousands of forms: in the trees, in the birds, in the animals, in human beings. But it is the same consciousness in different stages of evolution. And the man who recognizes himself and feels that the god he was searching and looking for all over the world resides within his own heart, comes to the highest point of evolution. There is nothing higher than that.


In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

intelligence... ego... religion... politicians... existence... alone... awareness... ramakrishna... vidyasagar... ryokan...


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