Satyam Shivam Sundaram: Truth Godliness Beauty

Satyam Shivam Sundaram: Truth Godliness Beauty
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The nature of ultimate truth has been described as truth, satyam, beauty, sundaram and goodness, shivam. Are these the characteristics of godliness? - OSHO

Every few thousand years an individual appears who irrevocably changes the world around him in ways that are never immediately apparent, except to the most perceptive.

Osho is one such individual: his spoken words, recorded and transcribed into books like Satyam Shivam Sundaram, will resonate for centuries to come.

For Osho, all change is individual. There is no ‘society’ to change – it can only happen to each one of us, as an individual, one at a time. The thread that runs through all Osho’s words is like a love song that we can hear mysteriously, just at the right time. And this is no ordinary love song; it is an invitation to open ourselves to hear something beyond the words, beyond the heart ... a silence beyond all understanding. Where we all belong.


Chapter Titles
1: Truth, Virtue, Beauty: The Ultimate Reality
2: Tears Are Your Songs
3: Living with the Eternal
4: Except Pure Love, There Is No God
5: The Art of Let-Go
6: Wings for Your Freedom
7: How Watching Leads to No-Mind
8: Accept Yourself
9: The Middle Path
10: Friendship Is Small, Compared to Friendliness
11: True Humbleness Is Simply Egolessness
12: Surrender to Existence
13: Only Change Never Changes
14: Politicians: The Biggest Lies in the Loudest Voice
15: Attention Is Nourishment
16: The Miracle of Meditation [1 17
18: The Secret of the Mystic Rose
19: If Sex Drops, It Is a Festive Moment
20: Become a Luminous Being
21: Even Death Will Disappear
22: Come Closer to Life
23: Life Is a Blessing
24: The Fragrance of Enlightenment
25: Just a Little Patience, Just a Little Awareness
26: Contagious Health
27: Love and Fear
28: Authentically Enjoy Your Aloneness
29: When Meditation Comes to Its Completion
30: The Birth of Individuality


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