Sat Chit Anand – Truth Consciousness Bliss

Sat Chit Anand – Truth Consciousness Bliss
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The three words of the mantra, sat-chit-anand – truth, consciousness, bliss – are words of pure poetry, words which touch the heart. In this book, Osho explains the significance of this sacred mantra for everyone’s life.


Truth – sat – can only be revealed when consciousness – chit – has reached its highest peak. Meditation is the process whereby consciousness becomes available, in which truth can be discovered. And the ultimate peak of meditation is bliss – anand.


He also responds to a variety of questions, sharing his insights on topics such as freedom and responsibility, creativity, and communication between lovers. Interwoven throughout his responses are elements of sat-chit-anand. This sacred mantra runs like a thread through the whole book.


“As meditation flowers, you will find that on the one hand truth has revealed to you all its mysteries and on the other that blissfulness is showering all its treasures on you.”



Chapter Titles
1: Everybody Can Be a Mystic
2: Gratitude Is the Only Prayer
3: You Are a Pilgrim of the Unknowable
4: Sat, Chit, Anand: Your Birthright
5: Instinct, Intellect, Intuition: Past, Present, and Future
6: In Favor of Luxury
7: The Five Sacred Mantras
8: You Cannot Avoid Misunderstanding
9: An Infinite Universe Is within You
10: Each Moment Is the Goal
11: Communication Happens beyond the Mind
12: I Am the Ultimate
13: Belief Is Based on Ignorance
14: Freedom from Chains; Freedom for Creativity
15: The New Generation Is the Future
16: God Is Your Concentrated Fear
17: Politicians Are Great Criminals
18: The Only Riches Are of the Heart
19: Creativity Comes Out of No-Mind
20: Totally in the Present
21: Seriousness Is a Sickness
22: Movement Is Always Horizontal; Growth Is Vertical
23: The World of Quality Not Quantity
24: Condensed into Two Words: Let Go
25: Except Man, in Existence Nobody Plans
26: The Materialist and the Spiritualist
27: Inner Beauty
28: Meditation Is the Essential Awakening
29: Stillness, Calmness, and Serenity
30: Love Needs No Responsibility
Extract from Chapter #14
Almost everybody is a member of a religion, a member of a nation, a member of a family, a member of an association, a political party, Rotary Club, Lions Club. People go on finding more and more chains. It seems to be very cozy. You have so much protection and no responsibility.
Freedom means you will have to be responsible for every act, for every breath; whatever you do or don’t do, you will be responsible.
People are really in deep fear of freedom, although they talk about freedom. But my own experience is that very few people really want freedom because they are subconsciously aware that freedom will bring many problems that they are not ready to encounter. It is better to remain in a cozy imprisonment. It is warmer, and what will you do with freedom? Unless you are ready to be a seeker, a searcher, a creator… Very few people want to go on a pilgrimage or to go into deeper silences of the heart, or to take the responsibility of love. The implications are great.
You will have to dispel that darkness, otherwise sooner or later you will enter some prison. You cannot go on burdening yourself with sadness. Before the burden becomes too much and forces you back into some slavery, into some imprisonment, change the whole situation by being a creative person. Just find out what is your joy in life, what you would like to create, what you would like to be, what you want to be your definition.
Freedom is simply an opportunity to find a definition for yourself, a true, authentic individuality, and a joy in making the world around you a little better, a little more beautiful – a few more roses, a little more greenery, a few more oases.
Possible introduction to the complete Mantra Series
These are the mystic sounds I have talked to you about: satyam-shivam-sundaram, sat-chit-anand, hari-om-tat-sat, om-mani-padme-hum, om-shantih-shantih-shantih. They are very few. These five I have chosen as the most significant, as the most deep-going. I will try to give you the meaning also, because that meaning will help the significance to become deeper. That meaning will not only touch your heart, it will also touch your intelligence – and you have to be touched in your totality to be transformed.
These five, I can say to you, belong to the universal religious consciousness, not to any organized religion because they have come from individual mystics. They have poured their heart, they have poured their enlightenment, they have poured their awakening, into these five mantras.
There is no word in English to translate mantra. It means a sacred word, not of any use in the day-to-day life experience, but only significant when you go beyond this visible world and enter the invisible consciousness. A mantra is a secret key. It opens the door to the ultimate.
Sat Chit Anand
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:
beauty... experience... god... love... freedom... heart... definition... reagan... mahavira... gurdjieff...


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