I Celebrate Myself

I Celebrate Myself
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About I Celebrate Myself: God Is No Where, Life Is Now Here

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 “God is for sale. All churches, all denominations, all religions are selling God. They are the most dangerous people in the sense that they are giving you hopes which will never be fulfilled, and they are giving you consolations you will be utterly disappointed in.

Hence, I don’t want to give you any hope, any promise. I simply want you to explore on your own. If you can find something – good. If you can’t find anything, I am helpless. But I know if you search deeply enough you are bound to find.”  Osho

 I Celebrate Myself is a remarkable book on many levels. First and foremost, Osho demolishes the belief in “a God above.” The way in which all religions have kept man weighed down with guilt and judgments through the domination of the priests is laid bare. And yet this book is also a joyous celebration of each one of us, showing us that celebration is our natural state of being. The idea of man passing from cradle to grave without realizing that he has an inner life seems so shocking when we are reminded of all of his potential – brought to life by every buddha who has walked the earth, living proof that something more exists.   

 We are taken on a journey as the layers are peeled away:  how with three hundred so-called religions on this earth, we have been free to choose – but not free not to choose. Osho makes it clear that, while he is eradicating the myth of God, his focus is in fact on the freedom of man. Simply through individual exploration using the tool of meditation, freedom from all imposed moralities is attained, beliefs drop away and man is transformed to live his potential. Fresh, new and alive, man can now celebrate his place in the cosmos. No longer struggling to make sense of his life, he is naturally at one with existence.

Extract From I Celebrate Myself: God Is No Where, Life Is Now Here

 Chapter 1

 A man who is responsible will not commit himself to anything, will not promise anything, because who knows about tomorrow? Let tomorrow come and we will see. I will respond with my totality whatever the situation, but I cannot commit myself. I have never promised anybody anything. I have never committed myself to anything in my whole life. Let tomorrow come. One never knows, this may be my last day and I may not be there tomorrow to fulfill my promise.

 Time goes on changing – I may not be the same tomorrow, you may not be the same tomorrow. Today there is great love between me and you. Tomorrow, who knows? Love disappears, not only disappears, but sometimes turns into hate.

 A man of awareness lives moment to moment – that is his celebration. He enjoys everything of the world without any inhibition. Because God is dead he need not be worried. And with God, hell is dead, hellfire has been put out. With him, heaven is also dead. So don’t be greedy for heaven, and don’t be afraid of hell. Just live moment to moment with a dance, with a joy, with cheerfulness, with courage.

 Encounter every situation with your total consciousness, without any guilt. Enjoy music, enjoy food, enjoy love – enjoy everything that is natural.

 God has been against nature, God has been against enlightenment, and God has been against your experience of eternity. God was your enemy. It is good that he is dead.

 This is the good news for this evening. 



Chapter 1          The Grand Rebellion

Chapter 2          Ringing Bells in Your Heart

Chapter 3          The Paradise of Yourself

Chapter 4          Showering Invisible Flowers

Chapter 5          Don’t Knock, Wait!

Chapter 6          Come to Your Own Festival

Chapter 7          Existence Is Celebration

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