Communism and Zen Fire, Zen Wind

Communism and Zen Fire, Zen Wind
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About Communism and Zen Fire, Zen Wind

In the presence of a TV crew from the USSR, and almost a year before the walls of Eastern Europe crumble, Osho offers a unique reappraisal of Communism, bringing in the vision of Zen as the path to a living and authentic "spiritual Communism."
Osho says: "Everybody needs equal opportunity to grow unequal! But as far as spirituality is concerned, everybody can be equally a buddha. That is true communism - deeper, higher, more authentic."
From Socialism to Communism to Anarchism, Osho takes the reader on an historical journey paved with misunderstandings and false hopes, carefully teasing out the one missing ingredient in that extraordinary experiment. Osho anticipates Gorbachev’s Noble Prize and gives a prescient warning about the tragic effects that supporting his plans will have on Soviet Russia. Osho also exposes how the US is already orchestrating its own ultimate downfall, all subtly entwined with Zen anecdotes and a dazzling selection of haikus


"Remarkable books."
Nicholas Mosley, Daily Telegraph, UK

Chapter Titles

    #1: Marx and Buddha Hand in Hand
    #2: Raise the Temple of Consciousness
    #3: This I Call Zen Fire, Zen Wind
    #4: I Am a Spiritual Terrorist
    #5: Socialism Is a Judas
    #6: Wolves in a Sheep’s Skin   
    #7: My Interest Is in You

Excerpt from Communism and Zen Fire, Zen Wind

Extract from Chapter 1

"You have been living a certain life, a certain style, a certain religion, a certain politics. You have been following the way of the mob, and you were very comfortable, cozy, because those surrounding you were all people just like you. What you were doing, they were doing. Everybody else was doing the same; that gave the feeling that you were doing the right thing. So many people could not be wrong. And in gratitude that you are following them, they give you respectability, honor. Your ego is fulfilled. Life is convenient, but it is flat. You live horizontally -- a very thin slice of life, just like a slice of bread cut very thin. In a linear way you live.

To live dangerously means to live vertically. Each moment then has a depth and a height. It touches the highest star and the deepest bottom. It knows nothing of the horizontal line. But then you are a stranger in the crowd, then you are behaving differently from everybody else. And this creates an unease in people, for the simple reason that they are not enjoying their life, they have not lived their life, they have not taken the responsibility to live it, they have not risked anything to have it - but because everybody else was also like them, the question was not arising. But this stranger comes who lives in a different way, behaves in a different way, and suddenly something is stirred in them. Their repressed life, which is like a spring, forcibly repressed, suddenly starts stirring, starts creating questions that this way too is possible. And this man seems to be having a different shine to his eyes, a different joy around him. He walks, sits, stands, not like everybody else. Something is unique about him. But the most impressive thing about him is, he seems to be utterly contented, blissful - as if he has arrived. You are all wandering and he has arrived. Now, this man is a danger to the crowd. The crowd will kill him.

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