So many intelligent people go on committing suicide.

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"Life gives you all the space you need, perhaps more space than you need. Space out, rather than bothering about why life is empty. It is good - this spaciousness without boundaries, with no guidelines, with no map. You can move like a cloud in the sky: untethered, unforced. Wherever the wind takes you, wherever you reach, that is the goal.

Ordinarily we have been taught that there should be a goal and then you start reaching towards it; if you reach then you have succeeded. But really you have missed immense opportunities. In going for this particular goal you have lost immensely the whole richness of life.

Why does one feel life is meaningless? - because in the first place you expect some meaning to be there. Who told you that you have to expect some meaning?

This is what I call the wrong that religions have done to man. They have told you there is meaning; you accepted it - and when you don't find it, you are frustrated, you feel lost.

So many intelligent people go on committing suicide."

Source: From Personality to Individuality

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