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Swayam Ki Satta -10%
"व्यक्ति बनें, तो ही आप सत्य को जान सकेंगे। और व्यक्ति बनने की पहली आधारशिला यहीं से शुरू होती है कि..
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Take It Easy -10%
About Take It EasyTalks on Zen BuddhismIn these delightful and playful talks, available for ..
Rs.1,050.00 Rs.945.00
Tantric Transformation (New Edititon) -10%
About Tantric Transformation When Love Meets Meditation This life is a gift fr..
Rs.750.00 Rs.675.00
The Book of Wisdom (New Edition) Talks on Atisha’s Seven Points of Mind Training  ..
The Divine Melody -10%
This fascinating book is a series of commentaries on Kabir, the 15th century Indian mystic and poet...
Rs.650.00 Rs.585.00
The Fabric of Life Out Of Stock
 About The Fabric of LifeKabir was a 15th century mystic and weaver. Taking his so..
About The God ConspiracyThe God Conspiracy exposes the age-old alliance of the politician and th..
The Goose is out New -10%
There is a famous Zen story about a disciple, Riko, who once asked his master, Nansen, to explain to..
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The Heart Sutra (New Edition) -10%
 About The Heart Sutra (New Edition)Talks on Prajnaparamita Hridayam Sutra of Gaut..
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Talks on the Fragments of Heraclitus If Heraclitus had been born in India rather than Greece, says..
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The Independent Mind -10%
The Independent Mind“What I mean by the thinking state is that you should have eyes, what I mean..
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About The Mustard SeedThis timely book explores the wisdom of the Gnostic Jesus, who challenges ..
The Osho Upanishad (New Edition) Out Of Stock
About, The Osho Upanishad (New Edition)Here is a way to participate in what Osho says will “...o..
About, The Path of the MysticIn Search of the Ultimate FreedomWhen Osho was forced to leave..
The Rebellious Spirit -10%
About The Rebellious Spirit (Limited Copies)Responses to Questions by OshoCentral to Osho′s ..
Rs.1,000.00 Rs.900.00