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About Nirvana: The Last Nightmare (Second Edition)

Talks on Zen Anecdotes

Why does Osho say that nirvana, enlightenment, is a nightmare – and not only a nightmare but the last nightmare? Because as long as we keep hoping for some future paradise, we are sacrificing the present for a moment that will never come. Our desire to achieve nirvana becomes the very obstacle to its happening.

Osho challenges us to wake up and stop dreaming. He exposes the tricks and habits of our minds that keep us from being in the here and now, living this moment totally.

As he retells five beautiful Zen stories and relates them to our lives today, we begin to discover the art of being present and joyful in the simple ordinariness of life.

“I will go on singing the beauties of ecstasy, but don’t misunderstand me. I’m not trying to convince you that nirvana has to be achieved. It is not a goal. It cannot be made a goal. It cannot be made an object of desire. It is available. Just look. Have an alert look. Life is tremendously beautiful. It is showering on you from everywhere.”

Chapter Titles


Excerpt from Nirvana: The Last Nightmare (Second Edition)

Chapter 1

Perfection is not a goal; it is already there. You are born perfect; only perfection happens in this existence, nothing else. Out of godliness, how can imperfection happen? Only perfection is possible.

The idea that you have to be perfect makes you imperfect in the present, because the comparison arises. You go on comparing yourself with others. Somebody is more beautiful, somebody is more intelligent, somebody is more moral, somebody is more sincere, somebody is more healthy, somebody is stronger…. And you are crippled in these comparisons; such a dead weight falls on your head that you cannot move. But you have forgotten one thing: you are you, and you cannot be anybody else.

Once you accept the fact that you are you and whatsoever you do you are not going to be anybody else, you are going to remain yourself… once you accept it, a transfiguration happens. You start living. Then you don’t bother about the future. Then you are not in the rat race of being somebody else. Then you are no longer comparative, no longer competitive. Then you also become a rose under the window, you exist with godliness today. If you are not existing with it today, you will be in a nightmare.

Buddha realized this. He was the first man to realize it in its absoluteness. He dropped all ideals.

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