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About Yoga: The Science of Living

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Osho shows how three methods -- concentration, uninterrupted flow of consciousness and oneness -- bring about an inner balance when subject and object disappear. He defines Yoga as an attitude toward life not concerned with metaphysics but with questions close to the seeker’s heart.

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Chapter 10: Take the Risk

Excerpt from Yoga: The Science of Living

Patanjali is the greatest scientist of the inner. His approach is that of a scientific mind; he is not a poet. And in that way he is very rare, because those who enter into the inner world are almost always poets, those who enter into the outer world are almost always scientists.

Patanjali is a rare flower. He has a scientific mind, but his journey is inner. That’s why he became the first and the last word: he is the alpha and the omega. For five thousand years nobody could improve upon him. It seems he cannot be improved upon. He will remain the last word – because the very combination is impossible. To have a scientific attitude and to enter into the inner is almost impossible. He talks like a mathematician, a logician. He talks like Aristotle, and he is a Heraclitus.

Try to understand his every word. It will be difficult; it will be difficult because his terms will be those of logic, reasoning, but his indication is towards love, towards ecstasy, towards God. His terminology is that of the man who works in a scientific lab, but his lab is of the inner being. So don’t be misguided by his terminology, and retain the feeling that he is a mathematician of the ultimate poetry. He is a paradox, but he never uses paradoxical language – he cannot. He retains a very firm logical background. He analyzes, dissects, but his aim is synthesis. He analyzes only to synthesize.


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