Yoga: A New Direction

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Yoga: A New Direction

Talks on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Yoga: the Science of the Soul, Vol. 5)

Step by step, Osho explains what he calls “the central teaching of Patanjali” – a path of eight steps that leads finally to transformation. There are no rules to be followed; this isn’t a new system of beliefs or a new religion. Patanjali’s approach is all-encompassing, covering the exercises and breathing techniques that are now an established part of contemporary wellness and holistic living techniques, but also the science of Yoga. Osho describes the significance and meaning of each of Patanjali's steps of self-exploration, and shows how contemporary man can awaken his life energy.

“Five thousand years have passed but Patanjali’s sutras are as fresh as this morning's roseflowers. They don't become old, they can't become old. Nothing has been able to supersede his sutras.

” Yoga is not a religion, remember that. Yoga is not Hindu, it is not Mohammedan. Yoga is a pure science just like mathematics, physics, or chemistry. Physics is not Christian, physics is not Buddhist. Christians may have discovered the laws of physics, but physics is not Christian. It is just accidental that Christians have come to discover the laws of physics. Physics remains just a science. Yoga is a science; it is just accidental that Hindus discovered it. It is not Hindu. It is pure mathematics of the inner being. A Mohammedan can be a yogi, a Christian can be a yogi, a Jaina, a Buddhist can be a yogi.

Yoga is pure science. And Patanjali is the greatest name in the world of Yoga. This man is rare; there is no other name comparable to Patanjali. For the first time in the history of humanity this man brought religion to the state of science. He made religion a science; a religion of pure laws, no belief is needed.

#1: Yoga Dissolves All Boundaries

#2: Confusion Is a Good Sign

#3: The Seer and the Seen

#4: Take the Jump into Enlightenment

#5: The Eight Steps of Yoga

#6: Don’t Condemn, Transform

#7: The Five Vows of Patanjali

#8: In No-Mind, Dualities Disappear

#9: A Blueprint of How to Grow

#10: When Conditioning Drops You Are Free

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