The Revolution

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A fiery book alive with Osho’s love for Kabir and for the only revolution that counts: enlightenment. It is the only revolution that can bring about a total transformation so that we can once again see the world through eyes free of all the judgments and conditionings that have been put there from the outside.

In Osho’s hands, Kabir’s vision is equally if not more mind-shattering.


Chapter Titles

1: Life: the Only Temple

2: Perfection Is a Dirty Word

3: The Here and the Now

4: Original Innocence

5: Understanding Needs Courage

6: The Birth of the New

7: It Is Time Now

8: A Blissful Milieu

9: The Sword of Love and Death

10: The Search Creates the Seeker


Excerpt from: The Revolution, Chaper 8

"A person who can be blissful alone has gone beyond any kind of dependency. And he is the person who can go into the world and give his love to people, because he no longer needs anything from them – he can simply go on giving unconditionally. He no longer belongs to the crowd. He can go into the crowd because the crowd cannot distract him from his own center. He can live in the crowd and he will not be a part of the crowd, he can live in the crowd and the crowd will not be in him.


"That’s what meditation is all about, to be capable of being alone. And remember, aloneness is not loneliness. Loneliness is the state of the person who cannot live alone; loneliness means you are dependent on the crowd, on the other. Aloneness means you are happy with yourself, you are not dependent on anybody. The moment you are not dependent you are an emperor, you are a god, a goddess. Now you have something to share, you can go into the world" Osho


In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:


love... pain... music... understanding... meditation... god... search... kabir... farid... ribhu...


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