The New Dawn

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The New Dawn

You are heralding a new dawn, a new beginning,” says Osho, outlining his vision of humanity moving beyond wars, injustices, and social problems. The key to this transformation is the individual consciousness – changing ourselves through self-discovery and meditation. Osho responds to questions that range from global issues such as media lies and the misuse of science, to the intensely personal. He talks about conditioning and compassion, and says the way to a new society is each being living spontaneously and alertly in the present moment.



1 Communion Is a Silent Meeting Chapter

2 Centuries of Conditioning Don’t Matter Chapter

3 Rejoice, Celebrate, Feel Proud Chapter

4 Habits Can Be Changed Chapter

5 Knowledge Is Not Wisdom Chapter

6 Insecurity Keeps You Alive Chapter

7 Expression beyond Words Chapter

8 Listening Will Deepen by Itself Chapter

9 The Purpose of Science Chapter

10 Déjà Vu Has a Reality Chapter

11 What Is Your Love? Chapter

12 The Fundamentals of Conditioning Chapter

13 In Existence There Is No Inferiority Chapter

14 The Positive Person Is Humble Chapter

15 Nobody Can Impart Wisdom Chapter

16 The Experience of Enlightenment Chapter

17 Enlightenment Has No Language Chapter

18 Awareness Leads You beyond the Mind Chapter

19 Journalism Should Be a Revolution Chapter

20 Why Marriages Fail Chapter

21 Science Gives Us Power Chapter

22 The Fundamentals of Compassion Chapter

23 Religions Are Too Serious Chapter

24 Meditation Is a State of No-Mind Chapter

25 Conditionings Go against Life Chapter

26 Memory Is Not Understanding Chapter

27 Responsibility and Freedom Chapter

28 Life Is Hilarious Chapter

29 Live Spontaneously Chapter

30 Enjoy Your Aloneness Chapter

31 Woman Is the Source of Life Chapter

32 You Need Some Uncommon Sense Chapter

33 The New Dawn Is Very Close


“Perhaps for the first time there can be an authentic civilization which loves peace, which is compassionate, which is creative, which drops all discriminations… Once there are no discriminations of religions, races, nations, war becomes impossible... You may not understand exactly right now, but through you human consciousness is moving toward a new height, dropping all that is rotten and old and creating a new garden with fresh flowers – with more color, with more variety, with more individuality…unique beings with a totally new vision of life.” Osho

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