Moving In To unknown(Discipline of Transcendence-II)

-10% Moving In To unknown(Discipline of Transcendence-II)
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On Buddha's 'The Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters'

In this second volume from The Discipline of Transcendence series, Osho continues to talk on the 42 earliest-surviving Buddhist sutras. By using the word discipline, Osho carves away the conventional, well understood, meaning of the word, so that the reader is able to move from what he already understands, into territory he may never have explored before.
Osho encourages the use of awareness to reveal the natural discipline that comes from listening to oneself. Simply reading this book will inspire you to new revelations about your own life.
" Ecstasy is such a great ‘Aha!’ that you are completely dissolved into it. It becomes your very song, your celebration, your dance. Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. Life is a mystery to be lost in, not a problem to be handled." Osho

Chapter Titles
    #1: The Challenge of the Buddha
    #2: Happy for No Reason
    #3: In Accord with the Way
    #4: The Blessed One
    #5: Be a Light unto Yourself
    #6: A Questionless Mind
    #7: Reflections of Emptiness
    #8: Whatsoever You Choose, You Become
    #9: The Discipline beyond Discipline
    #10: A Hollow Bamboo
    #11: A New Light
Excerpt from: The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol. 2, Chapter 1
"For the first time I was not alone, for the first time I was no more an individual, for the first time the drop has come and fallen into the ocean. Now the whole ocean was mine, I was the ocean. There was no limitation. A tremendous power arose as if I could do anything whatsoever. I was not there, only the power was there.
"I reached to the garden where I used to go every day. The garden was closed, closed for the night. It was too late, it was almost one o’clock in the night. The gardeners were fast asleep. I had to enter the garden like a thief, I had to climb the gate. But something was pulling me towards the garden. It was not within my capacity to prevent myself. I was just floating."That’s what I mean when I say again and again ‘float with the river, don’t push the river.’ I was relaxed, I was in a let-go. I was not there. It was there, call it God – God was there."I would like to call it it, because God is too human a word, and has become too dirty by too much use, has become too polluted by so many people. Christians, Hindus, Mohammedans, priests and politicians – they all have corrupted the beauty of the word. So let me call it it. It was there and I was just carried away…carried by a tidal wave.
"The moment I entered the garden everything became luminous, it was all over the place – the benediction, the blessedness. I could see the trees for the first time – their green, their life, their very sap running. The whole garden was asleep, the trees were asleep. But I could see the whole garden alive, even the small grass leaves were so beautiful.
"I looked around. One tree was tremendously luminous –the maulshree tree. It attracted me, it pulled me towards itself. I had not chosen it, God himself has chosen it. I went to the tree, I sat under the tree. As I sat there things started settling. The whole universe became a benediction.
"It is difficult to say how long I was in that state. When I went back home it was four o’clock in the morning, so I must have been there by clock time at least three hours – but it was infinity. It had nothing to do with clock time. It was timeless.
"Those three hours became the whole eternity, endless eternity. There was no time, there was no passage of time; it was the virgin reality – uncorrupted, unmeasurable." Osho

In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:
buddha… meditation… human… awareness… discipline… seeker… evolution… ideology… miracle… acceptance…
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