Every discipline creates perversion.....

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"The clothes are made by ancient people, according to their ideas, according to their understandings, according to their needs, according to their situations, and they are being forced upon people who have totally different world to live in. Now the only way is: either you cut the clothes or you cut individuals. And religions have decided to cut the individuals.

If the clothes are bigger than you then you have to be massaged and stretched and rolfed, tortured in every possible way! Or if the clothes are shorter than you then you have to be cut; some plastic surgery has to be done on you. Your head has to be chopped or your legs have to be chopped...

Man has to live for certain ideas - as if ideas are more important than man! - as if man is made to live for ideas!

I am against all this nonsense. My sannyasins have to live as individuals. I am not giving you any discipline, because every discipline creates perversion, every discipline only fits to the person who evolves it. Just look at all the disciplines that have been propounded down the ages..."

(The Wild Geese and The Water)

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