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Discourses on The Sufi Mystic, Hakim Sanai


Osho presents his views on war and the political mind. He offers a fresh outlook: a blueprint for cutting the roots of the destructive political mind of man, and creating a human being who wants to celebrate life. "I am trying to create a space for the future to happen".


The story around Hakim Sanai, the 12th Century intrigue of a pointless military expedition, a poet and a mystic, continues from Unio Mystica, Vol. 1. Reading it today, there is a taste of history repeating itself.


This time there is an opportunity to listen to and to welcome the aerial viewpoint of a modern mystic.


Osho holds Sanai in high esteem, saying if he were to save only two books from the world of the mystics, one would be Sosan’s The Book of Nothing: Hsin Hsin Ming and the other would be Hakim Sanai’s Hadiqa because, "It is the essential fragrance of the path of love. No other Sufi has been able to reach to such heights of expression and such depths of penetration."



Chapter Titles
1: On the Road of Sighs
2: Creating Space for the Future
3: Melt Yourself Down
4: A Buddhafield in Spring
5: Existence Still Hopes
6: Back to Eros
7: The Sacred Explosion
8: Dying in Wonder
9: Beyond the Shadow
10: We Shall Meet Again
Excerpt from: Unio Mystica, Vol. 2, Chapter 3
"The mind is a doer. Watch your own mind and you will understand. What I am saying is not a philosophical statement, it is just a fact. I am not proposing any theory for you to believe or to disbelieve, but something that you can watch in your own being. And you will see it – whenever you are alone, you immediately start looking: something has to be done, you have to go somewhere, you have to see somebody. You can’t be alone. You can’t be a non-doer.
"Doing is the process by which the mind is created; it is condensed doing. Hence, meditation means a state of non-doing. If you can sit silently doing nothing, suddenly you are back home. Suddenly you see your original face, suddenly you see the source. And that source is sat chit anand, it is truth, it is consciousness, it is bliss – call it God, or nirvana, or what you will.
"From being to doing to having – this is how Adam-consciousness arrives in the world. Move backwards, from having to doing, from doing to being – this is what christ-consciousness means. But Sufis have a very tremendously significant message for the world. They say the perfect man is one who is capable of moving from being to doing to having to doing to being, and so on, so forth. When the circle is perfect then the man is perfect.
"One should be capable of doing. I am not saying that you should become incapable of doing; that will not be of any value, that will be simply impotence. You should be capable of doing, but you should not be engrossed in it. You should not become involved in it, you should not become possessed by it, you should remain the master.
And I am not saying that all that you have has to be dropped, I am not saying to renounce all that you have. Use it, but don’t be used by it, that’s all. Then the perfect man is born." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:
life… love… self… ego… moment… live… intelligence… desai… sanai… diogenes
The radiance of this extraordinary man can be felt between each and every pair of lines and one begins to understand why thousands of people all over the world feel themselves attracted to this eloquent master of language and of the heart."
-Carol Neiman, author of Afterlife and Miracles


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