Three Steps to Awakening

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Many people today are stressed and anxious, feeling unfulfilled by their work and relationships. In Three Steps to Awakening, Osho describes with immense clarity how to bring a transforming meaningfulness into day-to-day life. With three simple steps, he shows the way to awaken and expand consciousness to the full, and live a life of gratefulness and bliss.

“There are only three steps: freedom of consciousness, a simplicity of mind, and emptiness of mind. One who sharpens his freedom, simplicity, and emptiness, will attain enlightenment.”


Chapter Titles

1: Freedom of Consciousness
2: Simplicity of Mind
3: The Real Answer Is Your Inner Perception
4: Emptiness of Mind



Waking up or awakening means that the dream is over – whatever was known up to now remains no longer. So it is difficult to say what awakening means, because your language is of sleep. At present, whatever can be told to you or whatever can be understood by you will be in the language of the dream. If I say that you will get happiness, then you will think of the happiness which you have known in the dream. If I say that you will not get misery, then you will think of the same misery which you have known in the dream.If you think, you will not attain. That is why all the buddhas have kept quiet. Whenever someone asked what will happen after the awakening they just kept quiet. They said, “Wake up and see,” because this is beyond the language which you know, or this is beyond your understanding which you have through language. Neither your happiness nor your misery is there. Neither your peace nor your restlessness is there. Neither your satisfaction nor your dissatisfaction – whatever you have known up to now is not there. The scriptures you have known up to now are also not there. The images of the divine which were made by you are also not there. Your notions about heaven and hell are also not there. When you are not there, your notions also will not be there.

There is something which cannot be described, which cannot be defined – you can call it brahman, Vishnupad, jinpad or buddhahood, but even by these words nothing can be known. If you wake up, only then can you know. A dumb man cannot describe the taste of sugar, but he can enjoy it.

What will happen after awakening? You will taste the divine, the taste which you have been trying to get all these past lives but could not get – you missed it always. It just cannot be described. If you are bored with the way you have been living, then wake up. But if you have not even a little bit of interest in it yet, then just turn over and go to sleep again.

But you will have to wake up one day. Sleep cannot be eternal, and sleep cannot be the ultimate rest, and darkness cannot be the experience of the ultimate truth. Sooner or later you will have to get up – it all depends on you. But whenever you awaken you will repent for not having woken up earlier – it just meant spreading out your hand – it was so near.



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