The Silence Of The Heart

The Silence Of The Heart
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About The Silence Of The Heart

(Formerly published as: The Perfect Master, Vol. 2)

Commenting on Sufi stories, Osho sheds light on the master-disciple relationship, false masters, and dropping knowledge and the ego.

If you can understand one word, 'self-remembering', you have understood all that Sufism consists of. Man lives, but without any remembrance of who he is. Then you can go on doing a thousand and one things, but failure is going to be your fate. You are doomed to fail, because unconsciousness fails. Only consciousness succeeds, because it is only through consciousness that you become part of the divine cosmos.Unconscious, you remain apart. Unconscious, you are confined by your ego, you are like an island. Conscious, the ego melts, you become one with the whole, the harmony of the whole. The part is going to fail. The part cannot
succeed. Only the whole succeeds...


The Perfect Master, Vol. 2, ch. 3

Chapter Titles

Chapter   1: Once Upon a Time

Chapter   2: There is No Self, No Other

Chapter   3: Out of Context

Chapter   4: How Can You Deceive?

Chapter   5: Love Needs No Time

Chapter   6: Be Rejoiced In Me

Chapter   7: The Lion’s Roar

Chapter   8: The Bell Tolls for Thee

Chapter   9: A Stranger to Yourself

Chapter 10: Exactly in the Middle

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