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About, The Osho Upanishad (New Edition)

Here is a way to participate in what Osho says will “ day be remembered as a historical moment,” the creation of an alive, vibrant, modern-day mystery school which offers the experience of “a very systematic encounter with the miraculous.” Osho is planting the seeds of the science of meditation: how to observe the mind and its processes in a relaxed, non-judgmental way and find the perception and clarity of self-realization.

This book is a unique and fascinating chronicle of the play that happens between seekers asking for answers to their burning questions, and Osho giving his farsighted and to-the-point responses.

"The miraculous is all around you, within and without both. Just a system is needed. The master simply provides a system to enter slowly into deeper waters, and ultimately to enter a stage where you disappear into the ocean; you become the ocean itself.”


Chapter Titles

1: The Mystery School

2: Bring the Inner and Outer into Harmony

3: Love Is beyond Good and Evil

4: Misery Is the Prison

5: The Ultimate Evolution of Mind

6: Mind Thinks, Meditation Knows

7: Silence Is a Song without Words

8: The Conspiracy of the Mystics

9: The Way of Upanishad

10: Understanding Is Transcendence

11: A Journey from Fiction to Reality

12: To Be an Individual Takes Courage

13: The Greatest Art

14: Beyond Science Is Knowing

15: The Art of Remembering

16: Truth Is Always Individual

17: Truth Is Dangerous

18: Go Higher

19: Responsibility

20: Gaining the Universal

21: Only the Real Can Meet the Real

22: A Journey without End

23: “Nothing” Is My Sword

24: Meeting with a Mirror

25: Listening Lets the Heart Decide

26: Personality Is Created, Individuality Is Born

27: This Is Just a Device

28: If You Swim, You Miss

29: Mysticism: The Forgotten Language

30: The Taste of No-Mind

31: In the Purity of Love, Miracles Are Possible

32: Each Love Affair Is Dangerous

33: Meditation: An Individual Revolution

34: Not to Be: The Greatest Ecstasy

35: A Realization

36: The Miracle of the Flower

37: India Has a Different Vibe

38: The Conspiracy against the Individual

39: Must I Say Goodbye?

40: A Man of Rebellious Spirit

41: From Information to Transformation

42: Be a Seeker, Not a Believer

43: A Sunflower Faces the Sun

44: Paradise Is for the Courageous

Excerpt from, The Osho Upanishad (New Edition)

Chapter 1

An upanishad is a mystery school. And we are entering into an upanishad today.

I was a teacher in the university. I left the university for the simple reason that it stops at the first step. No university requires you to become a disciple; the question of being a devotee or a master simply does not arise. And there are temples which, without making you a student or a disciple, simply enforce devotion on you – which is going to be false, without roots. And there are devotees in churches all over the world, in synagogues, in temples: not knowing anything about disciplehood, they have become disciples, they have become devotees.

A mystery school is a very systematic encounter with the miraculous. And the miraculous is all around you, both within and without. Just a system is needed. The master simply provides a system to enter slowly into deeper waters, and ultimately to enter a stage where you disappear into the ocean; you become the ocean itself.

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