The Great Secret

The Great Secret
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The Great Secret

Osho uses ten of Kabir’s incomparable songs that revolve around "the beloved" – the Sufi expression for the state of enlightenment. Though Kabir lived several centuries ago, Osho creates a direct link with him. Through his own innately musical expression he enhances Kabir’s message, rendering it accessible and relevant for every contemporary seeker.

Chapter Titles
1: Tale of Love, Untellable
2: Tell and Still It’s Hidden
3: Drunk with Boundless Youth
4: A True Lover Never Dies
5: One Who Walks Alone
6: Why Wander Away?
7: Enter Your Temple
8: Why Go to Others?
9: Relax in Joy
10: Come What May, Allow
Excerpt from Chapter 2, Tell, and still it's hidden:
"Life consists of opposites. Day follows night, birth follows death, happiness follows misery, prosperity follows adversity and health follows illness. Each of these things is changing continuously, always moving from one pole to the other. Right now you are perfectly hale and hearty, but in a moment you can suddenly become ill. When you are healthy you cannot conceive that you can be taken ill suddenly, and when you are ill you are sure you will never be healthy again. One moment you are happy and in a good mood, and the next moment you are sad. When you are happy you think how successful you are and you feel that sadness will never come; when you are overcome with sadness you wonder if you'll ever be happy or in a good mood again and you think the sadness will never go away. But if you think about it, if you look back, if you analyze what has happened in your life you will be able to see that every state is eventually transformed into its opposite.
"Neither happiness nor misery lasts for long; one state is continuously giving way to another. If you understand this clearly you will not be disturbed when misery overtakes you, because you know that in a little while things will change. Nor will you become so excited when you are happy that you will forget everything else and view happiness as a permanent feature of your life. You will know that in a short while everything will change again. Kabir expresses this phenomenon in these words:
What’s full empties out,
What’s empty fills up.
"There is no escaping this. It is an eternal law of life.". Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:
life... existence... intellect... known... crowd... look... music... kabir... vedas... coolidge...


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