The Diamond Sutra

The Diamond Sutra
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Talks on the Vajrachchhedika Prajnaparamita Sutra of Gautama the Buddha


The Diamond Sutra is one of Gautama the Buddha's most powerful teachings, and here Osho brings a modern-day clarity to these mysterious sutras, bringing the beautiful words to life and illuminating their meaning. Written over 25 centuries ago, the Sanskrit name of this sutra means "perfection of wisdom which cuts like a thunderbolt." If you allow, Buddha can cut you like a thunderbolt.


"I love Gautama the Buddha because he represents to me the essential core of religion. He is not the founder of Buddhism – Buddhism is a by-product – but he is the founder of a totally different religion in the world. He is the founder of religionless religion. He has propounded not religion but religiousness." Osho


Chapter Titles


1: That Realm of Nirvana

2: Love Released

3: The Wheel of Dhamma

4: From the Beyond

5: The Taste of Enlightenment

6: What Is a Bodhisattva?

7: A Dweller in Peace

8: Already Home

9: Pure Land Paradise

10: Utter Emptiness

11: The Fully Enlightened One


Excerpt from: The Diamond Sutra, Chapter 1


"Truth has to be said as it is. The moment you compromise, the moment you bring truth to the ordinary level of human consciousness, it loses its soul, it becomes superficial, it becomes a dead thing. You cannot bring truth to the level of human beings; human beings have to be led to the level of truth. That is Buddha's great work.


"Twenty-five centuries ago, just some day early in the morning – just like this day – this sutra was born. Twelve hundred and fifty monks were present. It happened in the city of Sravasti. It was a great city of those days. The word sravasti means the city of glory; it was one of the glorious cities of ancient India. It had nine hundred thousand families in it; now that city has completely disappeared – a very, very small village exists. You will not find even its name on any map; even the name has disappeared – now it is called Sahet-Mahet. It is impossible to believe that such a great city existed there. This is the way of life – things go on changing. Cities turn into cemeteries, cemeteries turn into cities – life is a flux.


"Buddha must have loved this city of Sravasti because out of forty-five years of his ministry he stayed in Sravasti twenty-five years. He must have loved the people; the people must have been of a very evolved consciousness. All the great sutras of Buddha, almost all were born in Sravasti.


"This sutra also – The Diamond Sutra – was born in Sravasti. The Sanskrit name of this sutra is Vajrachchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra. It means perfection of wisdom which cuts like a thunderbolt. If you allow, Buddha can cut you like a thunderbolt. He can behead you. He can kill you and help you to be reborn." Osho


In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:


life... nirvana... choose... desire... gift... need... shore... tathagata... ananda... rinzai...

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