Silence: The Message of Your Being

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Silence: The Message of Your Being

The talks that make up this concise volume, Silence: The Message of Your Being, were given at a meditation camp. In that setting, Osho offers valuable tools toward an exploration of life’s mysteries. Humorous, down-to-earth stories illustrate the value of living with total intensity and in harmony with existence. And guided meditations give a taste of the silence essential to experience the truth of life. “You have listened to my words with such love and silence; I am very, very grateful for that. Because who wants to listen to the truth? People make faraway journeys to listen to lies, but who is willing to listen to the truth? No one is ready, simply because listening to the truth is the beginning of transformation in your life. When you listen to lies, there is no need to transform your life. Listening to the truth is the beginning of a new journey.”- Osho



    #1: The Real Pilgrimage Happens Inside You

    #2: Knowledge Is an Illusion

    #3: Life Is an Infinite Mystery

    #4: Experience Oneness with Life

    #5: The Art of Living Authentically

    #6: Love Is a Pathway to Godliness

    #7: Meditation Is an Around-the-Clock Matter

Extract from Chapter 3:

Whatever we learn from life we try to catch in words, and then we want to express it. We try to catch hold of whatever we understand and put it into words. But only the words remain in our hands. Whatever we have caught hold of remains outside. There is no way to catch hold of and put the divine into words. It can be expressed only through silence; there is no way to express it through words. We can experience the divine only in total emptiness. There is no way to express it through scriptures. We assume that knowledge is available through the scriptures, but they are just empty words. Out of compassion, out of love, the people who originally spoke those words might have thought that they could put what they have known into them. They thought that the whole of humanity should understand what they have known. But the words remain empty, like empty cartridges. Experience cannot be transmitted through them. If you do not have your own experience, then words remain like empty cartridges, they convey nothing.

We start collecting words like brahman, the ultimate; advait, non-dualism; sat-chit-anand, truth, consciousness, bliss. We have been collecting this type of words, we have lots of them. We have locked them up in our boxes, and this creates the illusion that we have understood. This illusion is the obstacle that prevents us from understanding anything. That is why I said knowledge will not take you to the door of the divine; the insight “I do not know anything” will take you there.

In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

Not-knowing... Mystery... Intensity... Totality... Love... Experience... Silence... Meditation ...Life… Aware...

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