The Divine Melody

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This fascinating book is a series of commentaries on Kabir, the 15th century Indian mystic and poet. Six hundred years later, a contemporary mystic, Osho, comments on the poetry and responds beautifully to related questions.

Love is the divine melody, says Kabir. Osho says this existence is love energy, and the way to experience it is by flowing with existence, becoming one with it, by realizing that you are a unique part of this existence.

Osho addresses how man is born complete, a rainbow, the whole spectrum, but through external influences becomes fragmented. He says that life is a search to regain this “oneness,” explaining that man can seek wholeness by passing through seven chakras or unities:

“From the first chakra to the seventh, from the first love to the last, the search is one. The search is for the one. And unless that one is found there is no rest.”

Chapter Titles

1: Falling in Tune with the Whole
2: Who Am I?
3: A Higher Harmony
4: How Can I Be Myself?
5: The Whole Challenge of Life
6: The Door Opens
7: Man Is an Adventure
8: Trust Is a Touchstone
9: The Melody Is Born
10: Beyond Comparison: The Beauty of Being Unique 


The being knows superb wholeness, health. It knows no disease, no sickness, no death. To go beyond your head and your heart is to transcend the duality of existence. This transcendence brings you to your being.

Being simply means you have dropped the ego that was part of your head. You have even dropped the separation, very subtle and delicate, that was part of your heart. You have dropped all barriers between you and the whole. Suddenly the dewdrop has slipped from the lotus leaf into the ocean. It has become one with it.

In a sense you are no more and in a sense you are for the first time. As a dewdrop you are no more, but as the ocean you are for the first time, and this is your nature.

One of the great psychologists, William James, has contributed tremendously by coining a new word for spiritual experience, the oceanic experience. He is perfectly right. It is the experience of expansion, all boundaries disappearing farther and farther and farther away. A moment comes when you don't see any boundaries to you; you become the ocean itself. You are, but you are no longer in a prison. You are, but you are no longer in a cage. You have come out of the cage, you have come out of the prison, and you are flying into the sky in total freedom.

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