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Talks on the Fragments of Heraclitus
If Heraclitus had been born in India rather than Greece, says Osho, he would have been recognized not simply as a philosopher but as a buddha, a mystic.

At the center we are all existential, living on the surface we are just social functionaries. A poetic mystic like Heraclitus may appear inharmonious on the surface, but he will always be harmonious in the center. As we encounter opposites, conflicts and polarities in life, Osho encourages us not to choose between them but rather live both. If we can do this whilst remaining unattached to either, that very witnessing will be the birth of a hidden harmony within each one of us.

"Heraclitus is a really rare flowering, one of the most highly penetrating souls, one of those souls who become like Everest, the highest peak of the Himalayas. Try to understand him?"

Chapter Titles
1: The Hidden Harmony
2: Fast Asleep Even While Awake
3: Wisdom Is One and Unique
4: God Is Day and Night
5: Such Is the Depth of Its Meaning
6: Here, Too, Are the Gods
7: A Dry Soul Is Wisest and Best
8: Man Is Not Rational
9: The Sun Is New Each Day
10: Nature Loves to Hide
11: You Cannot Step Twice into the Same River


Excerpt from: The Hidden Harmony, Chapter 1
"Twenty-five centuries ago there were born in India, Gautam Buddha, Mahavira the Jaina; in China, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu; in Iran, Zarathustra; and in Greece, Heraclitus. They are the peaks. Never before were such peaks attained, or if they were attained they are not part of history, because history starts with Jesus.

"You don’t know what happened these twenty-five centuries ago. Again the moment is coming, we are again in a fluid state: the old is meaningless, the past doesn’t have any significance for you, the future is uncertain – the gap is here. And again humanity will achieve a peak, the same peak as there was in Heraclitus’ time. And if you are a little aware, you can use this moment – you can simply drop out of the wheel of life. When things are liquid, transformation is easy. When things are fixed, then transformation is difficult.

"You are fortunate that you are born in an age when things are again in a state of liquidity. Nothing is certain, all old codes and commandments have become useless. New patterns have not settled in. They will settle soon; man cannot remain forever unsettled, because when you are unsettled there is insecurity. Things will settle again, this moment will not last for ever; it is only for a few years.

"If you can use it, you can reach a peak which will be very, very difficult to reach in other times. If you miss it, the moment is missed for twenty-five centuries again.

"Remember this: life moves in a cycle, everything moves in a cycle. The child is born, then comes the age of youth, then old age, then death. It moves just as seasons move: summer comes, then rains follow, then comes winter, and it goes on in a circle. The same happens in the dimension of consciousness: every twenty-five centuries the circle is complete and before the new circle starts there is a gap you can escape through; the door is open for a few years." Osho

In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

love… truth… light… moment… effort… disappears… opposite… heraclitus… aristotle… nagarjuna



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