And the Grass Grows by itself

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Talks on Zen

The truth is not outside you, it is at the innermost hidden center.
So, Zen simply means doing nothing, just being. And in that utter silence of being, you slowly, slowly relax and the spring comes and the grass grows by itself. You suddenly start blossoming – your eyes start having a new depth. Your gestures start having a new grace – your every act becomes sheer joy. It may be just chopping wood, it may be just carrying water from the well – it doesn’t matter.

Once you know you are not accidental to existence, once you know you are existence itself, life takes a tremendous quantum leap. You are no longer confined to the body; you are no longer confined to the small mind. You become vast and infinite, and only in this vastness and infinity can you rejoice, can you be blissful.

This vastness has become available to you because God is dead; otherwise he was occupying every place, he was watching you from every side. He was judging you continuously, poking his nose into your affairs, condemning you: “This is wrong, don’t do it.” And all his commandments were against life.

When God is no longer there, all his commandments disappear, all his holy scriptures disappear, and the world becomes one for the first time. No religions, no religious boundaries, no discrimination – without God, humanity is one.

Zen teaches you not only to be one with humanity, but to be one with the trees and the rivers, and the mountains and the sky and the stars. This whole universe is our being. We are just flowers of different colors giving a beautiful variety to existence. We are expressions of existence, unique expressions. That gives you pride and that gives you dignity.
I Celebrate Myself: God Is Nowhere, Life Is Now Here

Chapter Titles
1: The Significance of Zen
2: The Greatest Art
3: Remain Loose and Natural
4: The Ego: First Your Protection, Then Your Problem
5: Be Aware of Religious Frauds
6: Suicide Doesn’t Exist for a Buddha
7: Speaking out of Perfect Ignorance
8: Listening to the Sounds of the Unknown
Excerpt from: And the Grass Grows by itself

When somebody asked a great master, “What do you do with your disciples?” he said, “What do I do? I don’t do anything.”

The questioner asked, “But so many things happen around you, you must be doing something.”

The master said: “Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.”

And the Grass Grows by Itself… is a wonderful introduction for anyone wondering “What is Zen?” This series of talks is for anyone who wants to find out who is there inside – and so discover the very substance of human consciousness.

Using Zen stories to illustrate, confound the mind, and enlighten, Osho explores each of the foundation stones of Zen: living in the moment, going with the flow, you are and yet you are not, allowing existence to pass through you…

“Zen simply has the knack of hitting at the right thing and indicating that which cannot be indicated.”

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