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Zen Is Not a Teaching, Zen Is an Alarm to Wake You Up!
Do you feel that there is something more to life, that you are living superficially? Are you seeking something? Osho describes Zen as a way of transforming the mundane and providing meaning. It is not a question of looking for outside guidance, of finding knowledge and answers, but of realizing your authentic self, a deep blossoming – a state of innocence. Here and now, the ordinary can become extraordinary, and the tremendous, absurd beauty of existence can be rediscovered.

Chapter Titles
#1: The Great Miracle of Zen
#2: A Path to Freedom
#3: The State of No-Mind
#4: Turning Inward
#5: The Art of Awareness
#6: The Liberation of Let Go
#7: Already a Buddha
#8: The Highest Peak

Excerpt From Ah This!
The feeling that it is five minutes to midnight is known to many by now, and is often referred to as the "Doomsday Clock." As the many crises faced by humanity and planet Earth gather and tumble toward an emergency, some have even reduced the time left to two and a half minutes. It is no wonder that we feel increasingly helpless and at a loss what to do.
Osho calls Zen not a teaching but an alarm to wake us up, because as individuals we are all deeply asleep, and this sleep has to be shattered. “For centuries, you have been asleep. Sleep has become your nature. You have forgotten what awareness is, what to be awake means.” He wants us to wake up…before it is too late.
Zen, more than any other religious or spiritual tradition, is relevant to such times as these, when none of our old approaches to solving problems will do. Immediate, urgent, and direct, Zen is not interested in answers or in questions, not interested in teaching at all, because it is not a philosophy. As Osho begins here, by quoting the great Zen master, Diae: “All the teachings of the sages, of the saints, of the masters, have expounded no more than this: they are commentaries on your sudden cry, ‘Ah, This!’”
In this series of talks, Osho unfolds a selection of classic Zen stories and responds to questions. Along the way, we learn how the tools of Zen can be used to embrace uncertainty, to be at ease with not-knowing, to act decisively and with clarity and awareness. To "get woke," in other words, so that we can use each moment between now and midnight for transformation.
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