New Dimensions of Yoga

New Dimensions of Yoga
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Nine Key Points about Life Energy and Consciousness


Without meditation, religiousness is impossible. What now goes by the name of religion only strengthens irreligion. On the surface we have religion, but inside there is only irreligion. And this is only natural. You can push plants without roots into the soil, and they will make a beautiful party decoration, but will they grow fruits and flowers?


The roots of religiousness lie in meditation, in yoga. Without yoga, the life of a seeker can only be pretense or suppression. Neither is of any use. To pretend good conduct is hypocritical. And suppression too is fatal. Both involve effort and struggle, but achieve nothing. What is suppressed does not die: it simply moves down into deeper layers of the being. At one extreme there are the pangs of sensual enjoyment, the heat and fever of a life scorched in its own flames, and the endless race to quench an unquenchable thirst. At the other extreme we find the burning flames of suppression and self-torture. Escaping the well of one extreme, we fall into the deep ditch of the other.


Yoga is neither indulgence nor suppression. It is awakening from both. Both extremes of this duality should be avoided. We cannot transcend a duality by choosing only one of its sides. He who chooses and clings to either of the sides gets himself caught and enslaved by it. Yoga is not a clinging to anything – it is dropping all clinging. It is not leaving off one thing only to take up something else. Remain aloof, drop all clinging. It is the clinging itself which is the mistake. It is this that leads one to fall into the well or the ditch. It is this that leads one to extremes, into dualities, into conflicts, while the right path is where there is no extreme, no duality, no struggle.


Do not make choices; instead, move into the consciousness which chooses. Do not fall into duality; instead, move into the state of knowing which perceives the duality. This movement is true wisdom, and it is this wisdom which is the door to light. That door is near. And those who liberate the flame of their consciousness from the storms of duality attain the key which opens this door to truth.


Seeds of Wisdom


Chapter Titles


1: Vital Experiments in Meditation

2: Life Is Energy

3: The Cosmos Exists within Man

4: The Sun of Consciousness

5: The New Sannyasin

6: Death Is Life


Extract from Chapter #2


Yoga has nothing to do with Islam, Hinduism, Jainism or any other religion. But Jesus or Mohammed or Zarathustra or Buddha or Mahavira – or anyone who has realized the truth – has not realized it without passing through Yoga. Except for Yoga in its broadest dimensions, there is no way for life to rise to the state of inner bliss. The so-called religions are nothing but belief systems, but Yoga is not. Yoga is a systematic methodology of scientific experimentation in the search for the truth of life.


Hence, the first thing that I would like to say to you is that Yoga is a science, not a belief. To experience Yoga, one need not have faith of any kind; to experiment with Yoga, superstitious belief of any kind is not needed. An atheist can enter its experiments as much as a theist can. Yoga does not bother whether you are an atheist or a theist.


Science does not depend on your beliefs. On the contrary, you have to change your beliefs because of science. Science does not expect you to have any kind of prior reasoning or any accepted beliefs; it only expects you to experiment. Science says: do and see. Scientific truths are real truths because they do not require any faith whatsoever. Two and two make four; it is not an assumption. If someone doesn’t accept it, he is the one who will be in trouble; it is not that the truth of two and two making four will be in trouble.


Science does not begin with assumptions, it begins with investigation. In the same way, Yoga does not begin with assumptions, it begins with a search, a quest, an investigation. Hence, all that is required is the capacity to experiment. Only courage to search is needed – nothing else.


When I say Yoga is a science, I would like to talk to you about some key points that form the fundamental basis of the science of Yoga. These key points, these sutras, have nothing to do with any one religion, but without them no religion can stay alive. These sutras do not need the support of any of the religions, but without their support religion as such cannot exist even for a single moment.


In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:


self... center... existence... science... god... intelligence... energy... socrates... bodhidharma... vivekananda...

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