From The False To The Truth

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From the False to the Truth


Extemporaneous talks given by Osho at Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, U.S.A.

Lead me from the false to truth,

Lead me from the darkness to light,

Lead me from death to deathlessness.

The Shanti Mantra, Brihadaranyak Upanishad

Only by going beyond all learned and copied behaviors, discarding all accumulated superstitions and beliefs, will we find and experience the real. Throughout this book, in many and varied ways, Osho masterfully pokes and provokes the reader to see the false as false so as to find that which is the real.

Doubt is the method of a true religion – just as it is a method of a true science. By doubting you eliminate all that is wrong, and finally only that which is true remains in your hand. Try to doubt it too. But you cannot – it is there. And when truth is known – lived, not believed – only then do you understand what religion is.

Chapter Titles


The Joy Comes from Finding  
The Thread of Meditation
My Religion Is a Godless Religion
Just Drop the Cross!
Discontent: Another Name for Inferiority
Contentment Is a State of Consciousness
Enlightenment: A Very Simple Understanding
A New Era of Enlightenment
Be Kind to Yourself, Stop All This Seeking
Blessed Are the Rich
That Explosion of Bliss
Doubt: The Methodology of the Seeker
Sympathy Is a Dirty Word
We Are Here to Be Whole
All Promise for Tomorrow Are Lies
You Have to Grow Inwards, That Is Your Earth
The Death of the Mind Is the Birth of You
Silence Does the Miracle
Deeper and Deeper into the Mysterious, the Miraculous
Only an Egoist Can Be Humble
Dashing towards Your Essential Reality
You Are the Only Hope
The Birth of a New Man
Go to Your Bathroom Dancing
Seeing the Fact, Drop the Fiction
Enlightenment Is You Completely Gone
Chase the Woman Gently
Death Never Happens
Freedom from Blind Biology
Everybody Wants Freedom, Nobody Wants Responsibility
No Religions, No Nations, No Governments
God: The Need of the Old Man
You Are My Fellow Travellers
Joyous People Don't Want War

From the False to the Truth

To seek the truth, to long for the real, needs tremendous intelligence. Not only intelligence but the great courage to risk all that is false, all that is superstitious, all that is mere   belief: all that has been given to you by others but is not your own experience. The courage to be alone against the vast humanity – their religions, their political ideologies – certainly needs a tremendous love which is ready to sacrifice life itself but will not accept anything that is not one’s own authentic experience.

Truth is never borrowed; nobody else can give it to you. It is not something that can be transferred from one generation to another generation, one person to another person. The truth is your inner being. The crowd has no approach to your inner being; except you, nobody can go there. It is simply the law of existence that only the individual can rise to the heights of consciousness and awareness.

In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

heart... living... sleep... awakened... personality... nobody... enlightenment... moses... ouspensky... columbus...



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