Behind a Thousand Names

Behind a Thousand Names
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Talks on the Nirvana Upanishad

Speaking at a meditation camp in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, Osho shows that the real experience of truth is something way beyond the many names we claim to know it by. It is only to be found behind a thousand names, by those prepared to bow down to that which they wish to become. These talks are an inspiration to start that quest. "There is no statement as revolutionary as this to be found anywhere else, in any scripture." Osho;

Audiobook Single Talks in the Series

1: The Seed's Prayer
2: Paramhansa: The Supreme Swan
3: Only Knowing Remains
4: The Light of Twelve Suns
5: Awareness Is His Protection
6: Longing for Beyond the Beyond
7: Meditation Is the Way
8: Behind a Thousand Names
9: Shunya: The Divine Source
10: Only For Bliss
11: The Right Use of Power
12: The Attitude of the Sky
13: Turiya: The Fourth
14: He Shatters All Illusions
15: The Vision of Nirvana

Excerpt from: Behind a Thousand Names, Chapter 1

"Whatever you are, you will have to bow down to that which you wish to become. Whatever you are, you will have to pray to that which is your potential to become. It is as if a seed is praying to the flower that it will one day become.

"Such a prayer is not going to be beneficial to existence, but through it you will derive a great strength within yourself. This prayer is not said as a favor to existence but as a favor to yourself. If a drop can pray to the ocean rightly, somewhere deep within its being, a contact with the ocean already begins to take place. When a drop invokes the ocean, in some mysterious way it begins to earn the capacity and worthiness to become one with the ocean. When a drop prays to the ocean for help in order to reach it, half the journey is already completed. The trust and sincerity with which a drop asks the ocean for help breaks the barriers of its tiny, narrow existence and joins it with the vast.

"In a moment of prayer, a person does not remain the same as he was before; it is as if a closed door opens for him. It is as if a window that had been closed opens and a new dimension, the possibility of a new journey, a new sky is glimpsed. Not that you have reached the sky; but standing within your own house a door opens and you have begun to see the limitless sky. But you remain where you are, you have not changed." Osho

In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

truth... bliss... darkness... love... energy... anger... sound... kabir... ravana... voltaire...


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