Ancient Music in the Pines

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Ancient Music in the Pines

In Zen, Mind Suddenly Stops Osho's profound, stimulating and highly original commentaries uncover the hidden mysteries behind these exquisite exchanges between Zen masters and the people around them –their meaning and significance become crystal clear. Each is followed by Osho's answers to the many questions facing seekers as they explore their own inner worlds in his presence. He is merciless, yet compassionate and humorous as he exposes people's illusions, delusions and hypocrisies. Like the Zen masters in these stories, he provokes the reader into a direct experience of the present moment

Chapter Titles

#1: Left Brain, Right Brain, Inner Conflict

#2: The Meaning of Maturity

#3: The Halo of Yakushi-buddha

#4: Be a Light Unto Yourself

#5: The Ultimate Secrets of Swordsmanship

#6: Madmen and Devotees

#7: The Proper State of Mind

#8: Life, Death, and Love

#9: You Have My Marrow

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