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About A Cup of Tea

Letters written by Osho to disciples and friends

These letters have a rare and beautiful quality as Osho recalls incidents from his own life, tells stories and parables and reflects on the nature of truth and the journey of a seeker.

Each letter is a gem of insight. The subject matter is as multi-faceted as the human search for truth, and covers everything from the difficulties in love and relationships to the challenges of understanding the nature of mind and reality. Osho often uses stories and parables to illustrate his points, which makes the text very clear and accessible.

Anyone drawn to truth will treasure this book – the perfect bedside companion, to be savored one cup at a time. It is an excellent introduction to the wisdom of this extraordinary man, and all seekers will find encouragement and inspiration within its pages.

Originally published in Prem Ke Phool, Antarveena, and Ghunghat Ke Pat KhoI, The Silent Music, Turning In, What is Meditation?, The Gateless Gate, The Dimensionless Dimension, and The Eternal Message

Chapter Titles

365 letters

Excerpt from A Cup of Tea

Letter 4

Sipping Tea

A letter from A Cup of Tea

My respects to you.
I am grateful for your affectionate letter.
You are meditating – that is a matter for joy.
Drop all ideas of achieving in meditation,
just do it naturally;
what happens, happens on its own.
One day, effortlessly,
everything starts happening by itself.
Effort does not lead to meditation,
in fact it is a hindrance.
In effort, practice, study,
there is tension.
Any expectation,
even the expectation of peace,
brings restlessness.
The tension has to go.
As soon as this happens
a divine peace sets in.

Stop feeling: I am doing it;
realize instead:I leave myself in the hands of that-which-is.
surrender yourself completely;
as soon as you do this, emptiness comes.

Breathing and the body are becoming relaxed, you say.
This will happen with the mind too.
When the mind goes
what takes place is indescribable.

I know that this is going to happen to you both.
Just go on naturally and without purpose.
Soon I shall be there,
until then, go on quietly with what I have told you to do.

My respects to all.
Write whenever you feel like it.
I am in complete bliss

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