Dogen the Zen Master: A Search and a Fulfillment

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Dogen, the Zen Master: A Search and a Fulfillment

(new edition)

This book of talks on stories from the life of Zen master, Dogen, is dedicated to the full moons. Not only is the moon a symbol for the mirror of our consciousness in the Zen tradition, but it is also a transforming agent. "The master is the possibility for this transformation...the universe our university." The running theme of Dogen′s message of 800 years is the eternity of our consciousness, a consciousness with no limitations and that exists through all changes of form. Eternity turns around everything; it is our inner movement beyond form, birth, death, beyond life, which simply is – isness. 


#1: To Study the Way ... to Forget the Self

#2: Firewood and Ash} [1 3

#4: Dive a Little Deep

#5: The Moon Never Breaks the Water

#6: The Sky Is Not Scratched By the Cloud

#7: Live One Day As a Buddha

#8: Secretly, a Jewel in His Robe


Excerpt from: Dogen, the Zen Master, Chapter 3

"The Eastern mysticism, of which Zen is just the ultimate peak, accepts the reality of your inner self which you cannot see, cannot understand, but which you are. You can be awakened to it or you can remain asleep, it makes no difference to the inner quality of your being. That is your ultimate reality.

"Then there is the body, which is only an appearance – an appearance in the sense that it is changing constantly. You see a beautiful woman or a beautiful man and they are already becoming old. The moment you rejoice in the beauty of a rose, the time for it to disappear back into the earth is not far away. This kind of reality has also its place in the Eastern vision. They call it appearance, moment to moment changing. There is a time to be born and there is a time to die. The seasons will come again, and the flowers will blossom again. It is the round trip of existence in which – except your being, your center – everything goes on changing. This changing world is a relative reality.

"And then there are other realities – like dreams. You know they are not, but still you see them. Not only do you see them, they affect you. If you have a nightmare and you wake up, you will see your heart is beating harder, your breath is changed by the nightmare. You may be even perspiring out of fear. You cannot say that the nightmare is not there; otherwise from where has this perspiration come, and this changed heartbeat and breathing?

"Eastern mysticism accepts this third layer of reality: the dream, the horizon that you see all around, which exists nowhere ... but you can see it from anywhere.

"Before I explain Dogen to you, let this be the introduction, because this is what he is trying to say: that everything passes and yet there is something that never passes; that everything is born and dies and yet there is something that is never born and never dies. And unless you get centered into that eternal source you will not find peace, you will not find serenity, you will not find blissfulness, you will not find contentment." Osho

In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

natural... search... seed... self... buddhahood... serious... reflection... dogen... alexander... edison...

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