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From Personality to Individuality

One of the most remarkable things about this book is Osho’s capacity to look at popularly held concepts from a completely different perspective – turning them inside out, to reveal their true workings and show the effect that such “perceived wisdom” has on people and their lives.

For example, the Christian’s belief in God the Father simply because of having been brought up that way, or the Hindu’s conviction that God is playing with the universe yet man must worship in seriousness. Or, Osho takes the dictum “Power corrupts,” and reveals that in fact men who have corruptibility are drawn toward the power that enables them to live it out. The good man has no need for power because goodness can manifest without it, and so the energy is free to turn to creativity.

This book is a blueprint for a new, and happier, humanity; one in which each person celebrates living at one with his inner being, and through that, with all that surrounds him. Osho’s outstanding ability to convey a radically new vision to the reader makes it all seem very simple – you will find yourself recognizing what you have always felt inside, but never before heard expressed.

Chapter Titles

#1: Man Is Born with a Question Mark in His Heart

#2: To Define Is to Confine – Existence Has No Boundaries

#3: Beware! I Am Here to Destroy Your Dreams

#4: Jealousy: Society’s Device to Divide and Rule

#5: The Odyssey of Aloneness #6: Anxiety or Anguish?

#8: A Womb for Transformation

#9: A Conspiracy of the Priests to Manipulate Your Mind

#10: An Outsider, Just a Guest

#11: God: The Phantom Fuehrer

#12: Death: The Ultimate Orgasm

#13: The New Man: Intellect in Harmony with the Heart

#14: The Only Hope: The Enlightenment of Humanity

#15: Inexpressible Truth

#16: Superman: The Fantasy for the Inferior

#17: Holy Scriptures: Wholly Bullshit

#18: Religious War: A Contribution of Christianity

#20: Fear of Hell, Greed for Heaven

#21: Know Truth in Its Totality

#22: Withdraw the Fence between Heaven and Hell

#23: Is It Boredom, or Aloneness?

#24: The Sheer Nonsense of Infallibility

#25: The Juice, the Whole Juice and Nothing but the Juice

#27: Seek and You Shall Miss; Relax and You Shall Find

#28: Knowledge Is Information; Knowing Is Transformation

#29: I Don’t Want My Truth to Be Your Theory

#30: Life Is the Ultimate Yes

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