The Rebellious Spirit

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About The Rebellious Spirit (Limited Copies)

Responses to Questions by Osho

People misunderstand: they think I have criticized Jesus, I have simply corrected him. Jesus is two thousand years old. In two thousand years the very style of life has changed; the concepts, the words, the approach to reality has changed. Although the fingers are pointing to the same moon, the fingers are different.And my love for Jesus or Buddha is so great that I don't feel any difficulty in criticizing them – just like a friend can criticize you, not a stranger.A Christian is afraid to criticize Jesus because he is a stranger, he is not a friend. He does not know that love is capable of criticizing one he loves. In fact, the more he loves, the more he is capable of criticizing...  – Osho (The Rebellious Spirit, ch. 2)

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